Cake covers Roger Miller’s “Reincarnation”, their first new piece of music in seven years: Stream

Cake, the ’90s hitmakers whose deep cuts are far better than anything you’ve heard on the radio, haven’t released a proper album since 2011’s Showroom of Compassion. They’ve been playing some new songs live—here’s one called “Sinking Ship”—but as we wait for those to pop up beyond YouTube, the band has emerged with a cover of Roger Miller’s “Reincarnation”, their first new studio cut in seven years.

(In Photos: Cake and Ben Folds at Queens’ Forest Hills Stadium)

The cover was recorded as part King of the Road: A Tribute to Roger Miller, a compilation that also features covers by Kacey Musgraves, Ringo Starr, and…John Goodman? It’s both a faithful cover of the honky tonk legend’s original—initially released on 1965’s The Return of Roger Miller—and a lovely example of Cake’s warm, laconic sound, which has remained remarkably consistent across the band’s long career.

Hear it below.

Last month, Cake embarked on a short tour with Ben Folds to the delight of ’90s kids everywhere.

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