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Hollywood’s already gearing up for a Michael Cohen movie

Michael Cohen, the former Trump lawyer who flipped on his former boss before getting sentenced to three years in prison, was recently portrayed on Saturday Night Live by Ben Stiller. Will Stiller return should a movie about Cohen ever come to fruition? Because it appears Hollywood wants to make one happen. Now, this scoop comes from Page

Netflix confirms Black Mirror’s fifth season will premiere in 2019

If you were worried that Bandersnatch, the fascinating “choose your own adventure” episode of Black Mirror that hit Netflix on Friday, was a substitute for a proper fifth season of the sci-fi anthology series, rest assured. Ars Technia received a statement from Netflix today confirming that “season five will arrive later in 2019.” The confirmation

R.I.P. Frank Adonis, Goodfellas actor dies at 83

Frank Adonis, the actor who is best known for playing real-life mobster Anthony Stabile in Goodfellas, has passed away. He was 83 years old. Adonis died in Las Vegas on Wednesday after battling a number of health issues, according to a statement from his wife. For the last few years, he primarily struggled with kidney

St. Vincent performs “Osamu’s Theme” in tribute to Philip Glass: Watch

Jennifer Koh and St. Vincent at the Kennedy Center Honors Composer and pianist Philip Glass was among the honorees at this month’s Kennedy Center Honors, the 41st iteration of the annual celebration of the arts. The broadcast for the event – which also recognized Cher, Reba McEntire, Wayne Shorter, and the creators of Hamilton – aired

Comedian of the Year: John Mulaney Stayed Sharp in Uneven Times

2018 has been a great comedy year, even if it’s also been a pretty weird time to try and do comedy at all. After all, where do you find humor when the world seems to be on the verge of collapse for any number of reasons, social and political and geographic alike? For John Mulaney,

Jordan Peele shares first trailer for Us, his follow-up to Get Out: Watch

Jordan Peele has been very tight-lipped about his new horror film, Us, which is a good thing. When it comes to horror, what most Hollywood suits can’t seem to get through their heads is that “the less we know, the better.” If you recall, Peele operated in the same way prior to 2017’s Get Out,

Album Review: 21 Savage Shines When He Gets Deep on I Am > I Was

The Lowdown: 21 Savage’s new record, I Am Greater Than I Was (i am > i was), makes for an interesting experience. At times, he will go off on strings of creative wordplay that fuel his stories with adrenaline; on the flip side, there are moments where Savage’s lyrics feel like generic descriptions and statements