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Watch Sammy Hagar's Famous Friends Wish Him a Happy 70th Birthday

You only turn 70 once if you’re lucky — and few classic rockers know how to throw a party like Sammy Hagar. It’s only fitting, then, that the former Montrose and Van Halen frontman threw himself an epic bash to celebrate reaching septuagenarian status, starting with a star-studded clip of some of his best-known peers

Three New Microbe Species Named After Rush

Three new species of microbes have been named after Rush. According to the University of British Columbia, the trio of microbes was found in the guts of termites and sport long hair and have a tendency to move rhythmically under a microscope. The researchers called the new Pseudotrichonympha species P. leei, P. lifesoni, and P. pearti

Walter Becker's Estate Calls Donald Fagen Lawsuit 'Misleading'

The estate of Steely Dan co-founder Walter Becker has responded to a lawsuit filed by his former musical partner Donald Fagen, calling it “misleading,” and alleging that it is “riddled with half-truths and omissions.” Fagen said he filed the suit after Becker’s widow sent him a letter days after her husband’s death in September, warning of

Tiffany Trump, of course, misquoted Frank Ocean

In Trump’s America, facts only matter when they’re convenient. Misinformation has seeped into all facets of society, even something as mundane as reciting notable quotes said by famous R&B singers. As SPIN points out, Tiffany Trump marked Thanksgiving by tweeting, “Work hard in silence, let your success be your noise,” a quote which she attributed

Roy Orbison Hologram at Center of Legal Dispute

The sons of Roy Orbison have become embroiled in a legal battle over development of their late father’s hologram after its first tour dates were announced – and they’ve claimed that a former business partner is blocking attempts to make virtual performances a reality. The concept of a hologram version of the Big O took

40 Years Ago: The Kinks Get Deceptively Festive on 'Father Christmas'

The Kinks’ “Father Christmas,” which was released as a single on November 25, 1977, is a rather unlikely holiday song. For starters, the song’s premise is anything but festive. The protagonist is in front of a department store portraying Father Christmas—a.k.a. what Santa Claus is known as in the U.K.—and is mugged by a gang

James Hetfield Says 'Load' and 'Reload' Were Compromises That Didn't Work Out

Metallica frontman James Hetfield has admitted he “wasn’t 100 percent on” with the band’s 1996 album Load and its 1997 follow-up Reload, describing them as acts of compromise within the band that didn’t work out. But he’s insisted he doesn’t regret his decision to support the direction drummer Lars Ulrich and guitarist Kirk Hammett wanted