How To Create Your Own Justin Bieber Shirt Through The Applique Method

How To Create Your Own Justin Bieber Shirt Through The Applique Method

Justin Bieber is one of the most popular properties in the music industry today. Every teen girls and even young boys are going gaga over this “Baby” hit maker. Truly, the pop star’s influence is apparent among the young generation not only with the songs that they download in their phones and players but also with the things that surround them. From head to toe, these admirers are clothed with the name of JB. If you are an avid follower and you can’t get enough of the so called Bieber fever, this writing will help you a little in satisfying your luxury.

How would that be possible? T-shirt is one of the products that would cement your status as a true blooded Bieber follower. So permit us to present you how to design a simple JB paraphernalia exhausting cheap promotional t-shirts. In fabricating an “I Love JB” shirt, I advice you to just create an applique shirt. Sounds hard? It is not as hard as it seems. Let me supply you a simple instruction on how to design an applique t-shirt that states your love and ardor for the one and only Justin Bieber.

You need: Cotton Shirt, Cotton Fabric, Tracing Paper, Scissors, Pins, Fusible Web, Sewing Machine


Step One. Trace your artwork that says “I Love JB” on a tracing paper. You can make it as one phrase of per letter. Pin the cut drawing on the fabric and cut it. If you don’t prefer to use pins, just use a water soluble marker. Pick the color of the fabric that would be very visible in your cheap promotional t-shirt.

Step Two. Append the applique “I Love JB” letters on to the t-shirts utilizing the fusible web. Just follow the guidelines indicated in the pack.

Step Three. Stitch the applique. You can either utilize a sewing machine or do it yourself. Stitching the edges of your applique will secure it on its position.

Designing your custom printed shirt with “I Love JB” applique is as effortless as counting one-two-three. Aside from such phrase, you can also get his song titles or use silkscreen to print his face on your t-shirt. There are companies that can present you budget-friendly printing services. Moreover, you can select which design you would like to print. Just explore the internet and you’ll surely get the best deals in town.

Marcelo Bobbet is a promotional products writer for cheap promotional t-shirts and cheap custom t-shirt. Read more articles by Marcelo Bobbet here.

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