Iran’s former president is tweeting Tupac lyrics

The former president of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmedinejad, has followed in the now-grand tradition of world leaders posting stupid stuff on Twitter. To mark the 52nd birthday of the Black Panther Party, Ahmedinejad tweeted lyrics from Tupac Shakur’s “Changes”.

Granted, having a silly old man who uses social media to post inane, out of touch sentiments is nothing new, and certainly a break from his tendency to denounce homosexuality, deny the Holocaust, and generally have a negative impact on human rights in his own country. Still, today’s latest hot take from the Ahmedinejad Twitter is pretty baffling:

Ahmedinejad frequently attempts to jab his finger onto the pulse of American culture and history over Twitter, like when he tweets half-woke stuff about Colin Kaepernick, or claps back at Trump about dissing LeBron James. What can we say? He always makes time for #Twitter.

It’s hard to tell what the former president is even saying about the Black Panthers here; suffice to say, don’t rely on Ahmedinejad for your understanding of the Black Panther Party. Try some more trustworthy sources instead.

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