Justin Bieber Dancing Is Extraordinary !

Justin Bieber Dancing Is Extraordinary !

Justin Bieber Dancing has become one of the things he is well known and loved for. His astounding voice has taken the entire world by storm, his popularity spreading throughout the continents, breaking many teens’ hearts. Dance moves including the glide have began a new trend throughout the world.

Numerous videos of him dancing have been posted onto YouTube, which is where Bieber was first noticed after posting videos of him performing in a local competition. He received an exceptional 10 million views just from word of mouth.

On a number of interviews, his dancing has taken the attention of the interviewer and the 16 year old pop star has given lessons on his moves. Justin has also been known to have broken out into a dance routine in public such as doing a Michael Jackson routine on the street in remembrance to the legend. JB has a very good relationship with Usher who was amongst those to see the young star’s videos.

Justin Drew Bieber was born on March 1st, 1994. He was born in Stratford, Ontario, Canada, and was raised by his single teen mother Pattie Mallette. In October 2008, Justin officially signed with Island Records. Justin’s debut single was ‘One Time’ released in 2009 and became an enormous success in over 10 countries. Justin’s debut album ‘My World’ followed shortly afterwards on November 17 2009. The album went platinum in the United States and gave JB the highest debut by a new artist in 2009 and it also made him the very first artist to have seven songs from a debut album chart on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart. His dancing isn’t the only skill he has; he is also a self-taught musician who plays the drums, guitar, piano and trumpet.

Justin is very much a trend setter, not only with his dancing but with his style, he is very consistent with his hats, sneakers and general swagger. Justin can also be found in front of the camera, Not all of his time is spent performing, he has lots of time spent in photo shoots and interviews and travelling around the world promoting his albums. His latest release is ‘My World 2. Justin Bieber dancing makes girls all over the world smile, this is just one of his many talents.

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