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Justin Bieber
justin bieber
Picture by cukuskumir
Justin Bieber – My Globe Tour 2011 – Sentul International Convention Center 23 April 2011

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  1. mezraya2005 says:

    Nice photo

  2. Project Casting says:

    This picture is wonderful! I’d like to use it in our blog scheduled for posting September 8, 2012, with your name given with photo credit and a link back to your flickr page. If you do not wish to have your work reproduced then please email me back at with a link to the picture and I’ll have it removed from our postings. Thank you for sharing on creative commons!!!

  3. midnightdouglas says:

    I agree with Project Casting! The Photo is great. I, too, would like to use it in our blog on with your photo credit (flickr name given and a link back to your flickr page). It is scheduled to begin posting on the week of November 19, 2012, alerting our website visitors to Justin’s appearance on January 25, 2013 at the Amway Center. I will remove this photo if you do not wish to have your work published. Just email me at with a link to the photo on, and I will have it removed! Thank you for sharing via creative commons.

  4. cukuskumir says:

    Your wellcome 🙂

  5. cukuskumir says:

    [] thx 🙂

  6. TalianaQueen says:


  7. jesse_feehan says:

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