Life On Mars – Ahead Of Its Time?

Daily life On Mars – Ahead Of Its Time?

Once on a time, properly, 1973 to be actual, a cop woke up following a horrible automobile accident to uncover himself barely injured. Difficulties was, when he had his accident it was the year 2006. Hmm. Unusual.

So Sam Tyler, a Detective Inspector from Hyde, Greater Manchester, found himself reporting for duty at the exact same police station he had left in 2006 but this time with no computers, no cell-phones, no one he is aware of, just a stranger sitting in his workplace, with outdated concepts of powerful arm policing, totally alien to Sam’s 21st Century perspective. That stranger is Gene Hunt, who will turn out to be Sam’s boss, a greater than life character who would consider practically nothing of beating up a suspect, and usually does.

Of course, Sam wonders what the hell has took place to him? Is he imagining all this? Is he in a coma back in 2006 and is his brain playing out some weird scene? Has he actually by some means slipped back in time? All this action takes spot in “Existence On Mars” the amazingly gripping BBC series launched on an unsuspecting British public back in 2006.

An American version of the series was launched in 2008 on ABC, and even though the very first couple of episodes remained loyal to the authentic BBC script, and most characters names remained the very same, later episodes veered away from the unique and the American audience did not get to it in adequate numbers to conserve it for a second season, so the episode airing April 1st was the series finale.

Back in the U.K., “Lifestyle On Mars” lasted two seasons, admittedly every single of just eight episodes, but spawned a spin-off featuring three of the main “Life On Mars” characters, now set some 8 years additional on in the early 1980s, the place yet another 21st century cop, this time Detective Inspector Alex Drake, a really liberated female officer, finds herself encounter to face with Gene Hunt, Ray Carling and Chris Skelton right after currently being shot in 2008.

Alex had been working on Sam Tyler’s situation file ‘back’ in 2008 and knew all about his 1970s adventure with these same policemen so is convinced that she too is in a coma and her brain is recreating characters she had been studying about in Sam’s reports. With the demise of the USA version of “Existence On Mars” it is very unlikely that there will ever be an American edition of “Ashes To Ashes”, so fans of the series will be pleased to know that it is now being shown on BBC America.

Both “Lifestyle On Mars” and “Ashes To Ashes” are songs by David Bowie. “Life On Mars” was taking part in on Sam Tyler’s iPod in 2006 and also on a automobile radio cassette player when he ‘woke up’ in 1973. Each series gave the producers the opportunity of taking part in some magnificent music from the seventies and eighties. Fan forums are buzzing with concerns like “What songs were played on final night’s “Existence On Mars?” or “Who sang “Really like Action” on “Ashes To Ashes”? Soundtracks from each series have proved to be quite popular.

In my viewpoint, each exhibits have designed some of the most fascinating and gripping Television in latest many years.

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