Selena Gomez’s Boyfriends – Young Love Through the Years

Selena Gomez’s Boyfriends – Young Love Through the Years

Selena Gomez is considered to be one of Hollywood’s youngest rising stars. But one of the biggest mysteries in Tinseltown and to all her fans is her love life. In spite of her popularity, the young actress is very private when it comes to relationships and the status of her personal life. And up until now, the fans and the media are only left to rumors and speculations.

The young star has been linked to Nick Jonas, Taylor Lautner, Cameron Quiseng and most recently, Justin Bieber. When asked about these men, Selena always ends up quoting that she wants to be known more for her craft and not for the men she goes out with.

In 2008, tabloids have reported that she and Nick Jonas were starting to warm up to each other. More and more photos were surfacing of both going out exclusively as a couple around Beverly Hills. Most of the time, both went out together with other friends but the connection between the two was undeniably there. Reports say that their first date together was very low-key and simple. After the Jonas brother finishes the “We Are the World” recording, both went out bowling that same night.

In July of 2008, they were considered officially a couple. Nick Jonas openly displayed Selena’s picture in his Twitter account calling her “his girl”. Over the years, theirs was an on-off relationship, which both largely attributed to their hectic work schedules.

In 2009, Selena Gomez was again linked to another teen heartthrob, Taylor Lautner. Selena herself admitted that she was dating the Twilight star in Vancouver while she was filming Ramona and Beezus and while he was shooting New Moon. The very private Gomez shared how they worked to keep their relationship out of the news. But unfortunately, the relationship did not last and both eventually went on their separate ways.

After her fling with the Twilight heart-throb, rumors again began circulating that she was getting back together with her first love, Nick Jonas. Although Selena never confirmed their second run, reports of a breakup circulated in March of 2010. According to both camps, in spite of this, Nick and Selena remained good friends and still maintained a special and tight bond.

After this, Selena Gomez was again linked to another name, Allstar Weekend’s bassist, Cameron Quiseng. The two were photographed playing bowling and sharing a warm hug after the game. Although there were never any formal claims of a relationship, fans are getting the hint that both stars are obviously warming up to each other. Several interviews on Cameron had him denying on any dates happening between him and Selena. But still, the young hunk was hopeful of getting himself a girl by the end of the year.

The New Year, however, started with a new name. This time, Selena Gomez was linked to award-winning teen singer Justin Bieber. When asked about the status of their relationship, Selena calls Justin a brother which she completely loves and could never imagine pursuing a romantic relationship with. Bieber on the other hand, is hinting to fans of dating someone special, but never made mention of the girl’s name.

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