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Quentin Tarantino says Simon Pegg “doesn’t know anything about what’s going on” with Star Trek

Like Trekkies in a lunch room, Quentin Tarantino and Simon Pegg are feuding over Star Trek. In case you missed it, Tarantino is interested in getting involved in the franchise, adamant on making a hard-R sequel, and that appears to be at odds with Star Trek actor and writer Pegg. In fact, when asked about

slowthai reveals provocative song “Nothing Great About Britain” and video: Stream

Later this month comes Nothing Great About Britain, the new album from UK rapper slowthai. His first-ever full-length is an autobiographical reflection on his time spent growing up in Britain — everything from the the financial hardships to the personal and political experiences that helped to shape his complex identity today. The heart of the new

Donald Trump met with Twitter’s CEO to complain about losing followers

Anyone who uses Twitter knows that at least 67% of their followers originate from a Russian troll farm and that the platform periodically deletes such spammy users. And yet for Donald Trump, a man whose fragile ego is held together by hairspray, orange bronzer, and artificially inflated numbers, one’s Twitter follower count is the ultimate barometer

Michael J. Fox opens up about recent health scares, slams Trump for mocking disabled reporter

Michael J. Fox in Curb Your Enthusiasm For over two decades, Michael J. Fox has been the face of Parkinson’s disease. His titular foundation alone has raised over $ 800 million and has worked extensively with the U.S. government with regards to both research and awareness. In a new interview with The New York Times,

Five Fun Facts You Never Knew About Halloween

Forty years ago, director John Carpenter and co-writer Debra Hill terrorized audiences with Halloween. Starring Donald Pleasance and a then-unknown Jamie Lee Curtis, the indie horror went on to conquer the box office and change the genre forever. Much has been said and written about the film and its production, from documentaries to podcasts to countless editorials,

Ryan Reynolds to star in a movie about a video game NPC

Ryan Reynolds is all over the damn place these days. Not that that’s a bad thing. In addition to alienating audiences as Marvel’s wisecracking Deadpool, the actor is slated to star in a live-action Pokemon movie, shepherd a Clue remake, and produce a stoner spin on Home Alone. Now, he’s teaming up with Stranger Things executive

10 SoundCloud Artists You Should Know About

With so much of 2018 being dominated by huge names like Drake, J.Cole, and Travis Scott, it’s tough not to overlook those that have the quality or substance in their music, but may not have the big-name record label to push their product. With hip-hop reigning as the most popular music genre today, it’s even easier