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Brad Pitt threatens legal action against Boston’s straight pride parade

The recently reported straight pride parade in Boston (no, we’re not linking back to news of it) is gaining traction in and around the city, with parade organizers demanding that their First Amendment right to make themselves into a public spectacle be honored. But at least one alleged face of the whole enterprise is refusing

SXSW Film Review: Stuber Thrives as an Action Movie, Not So Much as a Comedy

(Editor’s note: The following review concerns a work-in-progress cut of Stuber at SXSW 2019. As such, a final grade will be held until the film’s release this summer.) The Pitch: Hardened Los Angeles detective Vic (Dave Bautista) is supposed to be at home recovering from a recent LASIK procedure. But when Tejo (Iko Uwais), the drug lord

25 Years Ago: Grunge, Metal and Rock Blend on 'Last Action Hero' Soundtrack

Last Action Hero was a box office bomb when it landed in theaters in late June 1993, another failed parody film in the vein of Top Secret! and Loaded Weapon 1. Taking aim at action movies, with one of the biggest names of the genre, Arnold Schwarzenegger, as its lead actor, the send-up failed to

Goals And Action Plans Provide The Best Foundation For Success

by Manchesterfire Targets And Action Plans Provide The Very best Basis For Accomplishment The capability to set written targets and create action plans are paramount to achieving achievement. These are far a lot more important than technical abilities, selling expertise or speaking abilities, since they bring into effect the “cybernetic goal seeking mechanism” of the