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Bill Maher on adult comic book fans: “I’m not glad Stan Lee is dead, I’m sad you’re alive”

Back in November, Bill Maher outraged comic book fans with his scathing essay on the medium in the wake of Stan Lee’s passing. Although he had already responded to the backlash in the week following, the Real Time host doubled down on his sentiments during Friday night’s episode. “To every person on social media who’s asked me since November, ‘Bill, what

The Melvins book early 2019 West Coast US tour

There are few better ways to kick off the new year than to have your eardrums pummeled into submission by one of the finest sludge rock bands in the world. That’s why music fans in the West Coast will have leg up on the rest of the planet as they’ll get a chance to see

Joy Division oral history book to be released in Spring 2019

Those looking to bring that Winter glum into Spring next year can light up a cigarette and keep brooding: A new book that collects the entire oral history of Joy Division is heading to bookstores in time for the Easter bunny. Written by Jon Savage, This Searing Light, the Sun and Everything Else: Joy Division –

Book with Good Indian Tour Operators in USA

by Eustaquio Santimano Book with Good Indian Tour Operators in USA India is full of gorgeous places, from Kashmir in the North to Kanyakumari in the South! This beautiful country is home to snow capped mountains, gently flowing rivers, never ending arid deserts, calm lakes, frothy sea, and lush green plains! But India is also

How Far In Advance to Book a Cab?

by Strapples Disabled Lifestyle & Sensory Autism How Far In Advance to Book a Cab? When you need to have to travel by taxi, it is usually advisable to attempt and program ahead. Obviously you can’t often do this, but a perfect instance of when you can know this is if you are leaving from