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Film Review: Thoroughbreds Captures the Lifestyles of the Rich and Amoral

“I’m not necessarily bad,” says Amanda (Olivia Cooke) near the beginning of Thoroughbreds. “I just have to work harder at being good than most people.” By any textbook definition, Amanda is a sociopath. She experiences the wiring-level human emotions, like hunger or exhaustion or pain, but not the other ones: anger, love, sadness. This isn’t to

Film Review: The Death of Stalin Turns World Politics Into a Carnival of Fools

It’s almost like a classic bar joke. A doctor, a minister, an aide, and a few others walk into Stalin’s chambers. Stalin looks pretty dead, stewing in his own filth on the floor. The men weep, albeit a little phonily – they all want a shot at the top spot, but oh no, Stalin is

Film Review: Bruce Willis is a “Good Guy With A Gun” in Eli Roth’s Tone-Deaf Death Wish Remake

Death Wish is the last movie we need right now. Eli Roth‘s remake of the 1974 original is just as tasteless and tone-deaf as its exploitative trailer promised, with Bruce Willis‘ doctor-turned-vigilante Paul Kersey doling out gunpowdered justice against the milieu of Chicago’s real-life gun violence epidemic after his wife is killed during a home

Film Review: Mute Struggles to Find Its Voice in a Crowded Sci-Fi Market

“Style” is misused a fair deal in modern film criticism, in both the positive and derogatory senses of the phrase and concept. At times, style is used to cover for all manner of sins with regard to narrative flaw or suspect ethics; surely you’ve heard “yeah, but it looks terrific” as a rejoinder in arguments about a

John Williams to write theme song for Star Wars’ Han Solo anthology film

Legendary composer John Williams will not be scoring the forthcoming Han Solo anthology, Solo: A Star Wars Story. The good news, however, is that he will be composing the film’s main theme. This news comes courtesy of Variety, who learned of Williams’ involvement during an interview about The Last Jedi. “The present plan,” he said, “is that I’m

Film Review: Star Wars: The Last Jedi Moves Fast, Takes Risks, and Gets Political

Very rarely is anything ever black or white. All too often in life there’s a gray area, where nuance opens the floor for tough decisions to be made, blurring the lines between right and wrong. For the most part, Star Wars has bucked that trend, striving to be a mythologized story about good and evil

Film Review: Coco

One of the best moments in The Avengers — yes, this is a review of Coco, just go with it — is a single line of dialogue, followed by a pretty solid visual effect. Bruce Banner’s walking toward an oncoming threat, in this case an alien fish monster that’s maybe also a spaceship or something,