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Police: “Elderly” men never attended Wacken metal festival

Bummer alert! That awesome story about two elderly men escaping a German nursing home to attend the massive Wacken Open Air metal festival over the weekend wasn’t all that it was cracked up to be. It turns out the two men never set foot inside the festival and were not exactly “elderly.” The German news

25 Years Ago: Grunge, Metal and Rock Blend on 'Last Action Hero' Soundtrack

Last Action Hero was a box office bomb when it landed in theaters in late June 1993, another failed parody film in the vein of Top Secret! and Loaded Weapon 1. Taking aim at action movies, with one of the biggest names of the genre, Arnold Schwarzenegger, as its lead actor, the send-up failed to

The 25 Greatest Debut Metal Albums of All Time

This article is powered by our good friends at Welcome to Rockville. Check out the incredible lineup here. There’s nothing more important than making a good first impression. This holds especially true in the metal world, where the songs are often über-technical, the fans are more demanding, and the margins for creative and commercial success are

Chris Tsangarides, Famed Metal Producer, Dies

Chris Tsangarides, a producer who has worked with hard rock and metal acts including Judas Priest, Black Sabbath, Gary Moore and Thin Lizzy, has died. He was 61. “It is with complete and utter sadness that I need to tell you all that our beloved father and my mums best friend Chris Tsangarides passed away

All NFL Stadiums Are Looking To Have Handheld Metal Detectors In Place For The 2012 Season

All NFL Stadiums Are Hunting To Have Handheld Metal Detectors In Area For The 2012 Season There was lately an write-up in the Chicago Sun Occasions regarding the new use of handheld metal detectors at the property of my beloved Chicago Bears, Soldier Area. The quick report pointed out the reality that the utilizes of