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Breaking Down Star Trek: Discovery: Season One

Like many Trek series before it, Discovery’s first season has been a mish-mash of ideas, concepts and tones, the show struggling more than most of its brethren to find its place in the franchise’s vaunted legacy. At once an attempt to update the franchise to the sensibilities of modern TV (a darker tone, serialized storylines,

Concert Tickets for Sale: Four Reasons to Attend a Concert this Season

by Stephen Dyrgas Concert Tickets for Sale: 4 Causes to Attend a Concert this Season Most men and women attend concerts for the duration of a particular time period of their life, which is typically during their younger years when possessing fewer commitments helps make far more time for music. As one particular ages, these

Christmas fun for the Holiday Season

by Ric Quintanilla Christmas enjoyable for the Holiday Season December is just all around the corner and, everywhere we go, we can hear, see and feel the Christmas coming. If you are planning on purchasing your Christmas presents (or starting up to create your letter to Santa), you may want to take a appear at

All NFL Stadiums Are Looking To Have Handheld Metal Detectors In Place For The 2012 Season

All NFL Stadiums Are Hunting To Have Handheld Metal Detectors In Area For The 2012 Season There was lately an write-up in the Chicago Sun Occasions regarding the new use of handheld metal detectors at the property of my beloved Chicago Bears, Soldier Area. The quick report pointed out the reality that the utilizes of