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Advance Base shares the Origins of lovely, reflective new song, “Your Dog”: Stream

Origins is a recurring new music feature that tasks an artist with revealing the inspirations that led to their latest song. Advance Base’s Owen Ashworth (formerly of  Casiotone for the Painfully Alone) writes lyrics so intimate and empathetic that you’d be forgiven for thinking him a confessional songwriter. However, he’s quick to point out that the majority

Sammy Hagar Recalls Playing First Van Halen Song to Record Label Bosses

Sammy Hagar recalled the moment when his version of the Van Halen lineup played their first complete song to the record-label bosses. There was a certain amount of tension around the 1985 incident following Hagar’s replacing of David Lee Roth. “‘Why Can’t This Be Love’ is the first song we played for everyone that we’d kind of finished,”

Disclosure reveal chill new song “Moonlight”: Stream

In May, Disclosure broke their silence with a new single called “Ultimatum”. Today, the UK duo is back with even more material in the form of “Moonlight”. While the previous offering seemed primed for BBQ playlists, this latest offering is more of the chilled-out variety. Think of the moments when a hot summer afternoon finally

Ezra Miller shares new song “sadtown”: Stream

Ezra Miller, the actor you may know from his role as The Flash in Justice League (or his stunning performance in Antonio Campos’ 2008 drama Afterschool), is no stranger to the music scene. In fact, we recently debuted a song from his band, Son of an Illustrious Father. Now, Miller has debuted a song under his

Paul McCartney Debuts New 'Come Home to You' Song From LP That Could Arrive Friday

It’s looking more and more likely that a new Paul McCartney album is heading our way — possibly even as soon as this Friday. Footage has emerged of the Beatles legend debuting a brand new song called “Come Home to You” during his recent surprise show at a small pub in Liverpool. “This hasn’t been released

Coheed and Cambria share new song “The Dark Sentencer”: Stream

Coheed and Cambria, photo by Thaib A. Wahab Prog-punk innovators Coheed and Cambria have returned with a spacey new single, “The Dark Sentencer”, which, in addition to having about as-on-brand-of a title one could ask of the band, is a harbinger of a new, heretofore untitled LP to arrive sometime later this year via Roadrunner Records.

Listen to Roger Daltrey's New Song, 'How Far'

The song first appeared on the 1972 self-titled album by Stills’ short-lived band Manassas, and is one of several covers on Daltrey’s upcoming LP. The record also includes takes on Stevie Wonder’s “You Haven’t Done Nothing,” Nick Cave’s “Into My Arms” and the title track by Garnet Mimms. Daltrey said the soul leanings of the album brought back