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Boards of Canada share unreleased song “XYZ”: Stream

Boards of Canada have shared a previously unreleased song called “XYZ”. The song comes from the band’s Peel Session on the radio in 1998. Listen to it below. In 1998, Boards of Canada stopped by BBC Radio 1 to perform live on the air as part of a Peel Session. During their performance, they played

Neil Young and Crazy Horse unveil new song “Rainbow of Colors”: Stream

Next month brings the release of COLORADO, the first album in seven years from Neil Young and Crazy Horse. Fans were offered a preview of the record with August’s “Milky Way“. A second single, “Rainbow of Colors”, has now arrived. On the track, the songwriting legend calls for unity in the face of climate change

Flying Lotus dedicates new song “Black Heaven” to late producer Ras G: Stream

Last week, the music world mourned the death of experimental producer and Brainfeeder co-founder Ras G. Now, fellow Brainfeeder associate and past collaborator Flying Lotus has dedicated a new song called “Black Heaven” to the late artist. As Billboard notes, FlyLo debuted the track live on BBC Radio 6 on Sunday. He explained that the new

Sheer Mag dwell on a breakup in new song “Hardly to Blame”: Stream

Sheer Mag are set to explore the low points of frontwoman Tina Halladay’s life on their new album, A Distant Call. The neo-concept record is said to trace the Philadelphian’s past struggles with being broke, broken up with, and dealing with the loss of her father. Right smack in the middle of the effort, where

Sleater-Kinney get political on new song “The Center Won’t Hold”: Stream

Sleater-Kinney will unleash their new album, The Center Won’t Hold, in one month’s time. Already we’ve heard two singles off the St. Vincent-produced record, “Hurry On Home” and “The Future is Here”. A third is being unleashed today in the title track. “The Center Won’t Hold” sees the indie rock icons wrestling more with politics,

Zola is a baby seal who can sing the Star Wars theme song: Watch

Seal isn’t the only mammal who can sing. Researchers at Scotland’s University of St Andrews have taught an actual seals to “sing” catchy tunes, including parts of the Star Wars theme song and “Twinkle Twinkle, Little Star”. While earning her Ph.D. at the university, Amanda Stansbury worked with three juvenile gray seals — Zola, Janice,

Top Song of the Week: The Raconteurs Shed a Tear for Detroit on “Bored and Razed”

Each week we break down our favorite song, highlight our honorable mentions, and wrap them all up with other staff recommendations into a New Sounds playlist just for you. Be sure to subscribe here. The latest (and riffiest) single from what will be The Raconteurs’ first album in over 10 years is, at least in part,