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Zola is a baby seal who can sing the Star Wars theme song: Watch

Seal isn’t the only mammal who can sing. Researchers at Scotland’s University of St Andrews have taught an actual seals to “sing” catchy tunes, including parts of the Star Wars theme song and “Twinkle Twinkle, Little Star”. While earning her Ph.D. at the university, Amanda Stansbury worked with three juvenile gray seals — Zola, Janice,

Top Song of the Week: The Raconteurs Shed a Tear for Detroit on “Bored and Razed”

Each week we break down our favorite song, highlight our honorable mentions, and wrap them all up with other staff recommendations into a New Sounds playlist just for you. Be sure to subscribe here. The latest (and riffiest) single from what will be The Raconteurs’ first album in over 10 years is, at least in part,

Vampire Weekend cover Parks and Rec theme song in Indiana: Watch

Vampire Weekend are just getting started on their massive North American tour, and they’re already pulling out the surprises. While performing in Indianapolis on Friday, the Father of the Bride rockers covered the Parks and Recreation theme song. Parks and Rec, of course, took place in the fictional Pawnee, IN. Factor in the reality that Vampire Weekend

Perry Farrell shares new song “Machine Girl”: Stream

Jane’s Addiction frontman Perry Farrell is a week away from releasing his new solo album, Kind Heaven. Having previously previewed the effort with the single “Pirate Punk Politician”, the alternative icon is back today with another taste in “Machine Girl”. With the accompaniment of Kind Heaven Orchestra and vocalist/Farrell’s wife Etty Lau Farrell, “Machine Girl” “tells the story of

slowthai reveals provocative song “Nothing Great About Britain” and video: Stream

Later this month comes Nothing Great About Britain, the new album from UK rapper slowthai. His first-ever full-length is an autobiographical reflection on his time spent growing up in Britain — everything from the the financial hardships to the personal and political experiences that helped to shape his complex identity today. The heart of the new

Song of the Week: Beyoncé Perfectly Captures a Moment on “Before I Let Go”

Each week we break down our favorite song, highlight our honorable mentions, and wrap them all up with other staff recommendations into a New Sounds playlist just for you. Be sure to subscribe here. There aren’t too many people without whom the world would be radically different, but we would live in a different world without Beyoncé. Her excellence

Briston Maroney announces Indiana EP, details Origins of new song “Caroline”: Stream

Origins is a recurring new music feature that requests artists take a closer look into the inspirations behind their most recent track. Although barely 21 years of age, Briston Maroney has already seen both the inspiring beauty and cutthroat ugliness of the music industry. However, through it all — the vagabond beginnings, multiple relaunches of