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Run the Jewels helped Stephen Colbert celebrate his birthday in the darkest way possible: Watch

In one of the late night universe’s better running bits, the blunt, fiery Run the Jewels have routinely run afoul of Stephen Colbert’s wholesome side. In 2016, they dirtied up his stab at a new Halloween dance, and then, this past Christmas, they brought some fierce, profanity-filled takes to his “Jingle Jingle (Santa Party)”. As such, Colbert was a

Episode 64: Collecting Stephen King with Johann Trotter

Subscribe via iTunes | Google Play |  Stitcher  |  RSS Constant Listeners, it’s time we turn our attention on you. Welcome to the first installment of Collecting King, a new series that finds us talking to the myriad collectors roaming around King’s Dominion. Yes, yes, we know, there are a lot of you out there. To kick things off, Michael Roffman

Stephen King’s dystopian novella, The Long Walk, is being adapted by New Line Cinema

For years, Stephen King fans have pondered why no filmmaker has ever succeeded in bringing his 1979 novella, The Long Walk, to life. Written under his pseudonym, Richard Bachman, the story is considered a low-key classic among the horror author’s most rabid fans, as well as the best work to be produced under the Bachman moniker

Episode 60: Stephen King Deserves All the Credit for 1994’s The Pagemaster

“Welcome to the library, young man. Don’t tell me. You’re here for a special book.” Constant Listeners, every once and a while we make a revelation so shocking and so confounding that we can only sit in a dazed stupor and shake our heads in disbelief. Such is the case when we recently learned that

Something terrible is happening in the new teaser trailer for Stephen King’s Castle Rock: Watch

Goddammit do we want to watch Castle Rock right now. Ugh. Because they’re gluttons for punishment, Hulu has gone ahead and released the Super Bowl teaser trailer for their forthcoming (and incredibly mysterious) new Stephen King series, and, naturally, we’re losing our minds in anticipation. It’s only 40 seconds long, but you get to see new