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Film Review: The Meg Chews on the Scenery and Swims to Late-Summer Success

The Pitch: Miles off the Shanghai coast, oceanographers at a remote research institute have discovered a trench even deeper than the Marianas, one which would become the deepest part of the ocean on record. By penetrating a thermal layer, a ragtag group of explorers and rogues gain entry to the trench, where they discover an entirely

Robert Plant on Success: 'Don't Imagine That Big is Beautiful'

Robert Plant said he was more comfortable with the scale of his solo career than he was with Led Zeppelin’s world-dominating size, and that general perceptions of success did not match his own. He’s continuing to tour in support of latest album Carry Fire, which was released last year to critical acclaim. “It’s obviously very

Goals And Action Plans Provide The Best Foundation For Success

by Manchesterfire Targets And Action Plans Provide The Very best Basis For Accomplishment The capability to set written targets and create action plans are paramount to achieving achievement. These are far a lot more important than technical abilities, selling expertise or speaking abilities, since they bring into effect the “cybernetic goal seeking mechanism” of the