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Album Review: Lil Nas X Proves More Than a 10-Gallon Novelty Act on 7 EP

The Lowdown: In case you fell asleep four months ago and have just now woken up, Atlanta rapper Lil Nas X became a divisive figure in March when his country-trap breakout hit, “Old Town Road”, was pulled from Billboard’s Hot Country Songs chart for “not embrac[ing] enough elements of today’s country music.” This move from

Alien Turns 40: Tom Skerritt on Believing In Ridley Scott and Why Women Are Stronger Than Men

“Ripley, when I give an order I expect to be obeyed.” Despite having one of the earliest deaths in the franchise, Captain Arthur Dallas remains an iconic hero in the Alien universe. Naturally, much of that appeal has to do with the talent behind the character: Mr. Tom Skerritt. At the time, Skerritt was arguably

Devin Townsend on Nickelback’s Chad Kroeger: “He is almost more like a scientist than he is a rock musician”

An unlikely friendship has been formed by two Canadian rock musicians — one the multiplatinum mainstream rock artist Chad Kroeger of Nickelback, and the other the unconventional metal musician Devin Townsend. Townsend recently spoke with Heavy Consequence about his latest album, the stylistically all-encompassing Empath, and also discussed his friendship with Kroeger, and the effect

Stevie Ray Vaughan's 'Wonderful' Childhood Home Sells for Less Than $160K

Stevie Ray Vaughan’s childhood home in Dallas, recently sold for a song. That the legendary guitarist grew up in the home mattered little to the buyers, who purchased it for less than the $ 159,900 asking price. Although the exact price is unknown at this time, Realtor, who called it “wonderful,” notes that it fell in

Ghost Ship fire defendants agree to plea deal, to serve less than 10 years in jail

Two men connected to the tragic 2016 Ghost Ship fire in Oakland have reached plea deals with the prosecution and are expected to each serve less than 10 years in jail. According to an email sent by Alameda County District Attorney to the victims’ families, obtained by The East Bay Times, Derick Almena will serve nine

The Cranberries’ Stunning Debut Does More Than Just Linger 25 Years Later

The death of Cranberries lead singer Dolores O’Riordan on January 15, 2018, plunged Ireland into a state of national mourning. Taoiseach Leo Varadkar called O’Riordan “the voice of a generation,” radio stations across the country organized a simultaneous broadcast of the band’s 1996 hit “When You’re Gone” in lieu of a moment of silence, and