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25 Years Ago: Radiohead Imitate Their Heroes on 'Pablo Honey'

A band that would earn a reputation as one of the brainiest, most fiercely creative acts of a generation named their first album after a Jerky Boys reference. In 1993, Radiohead released their debut full-length Pablo Honey, its title inspired by a prank call from one of the Boys’ infamous comedy CDs. Their sophomoric sense

When Metallica Found Out They Had to Live in Their Rehearsal Room

Anthrax guitarist Scott Ian faced the prospect of telling Metallica that they had to live in their new rehearsal room when they first met in the early ‘80s. The moment came when Ian had been asked to act as ambassador to James Hetfield’s band when they relocated to New York from San Francisco prior to

The Shins announce The Worm’s Heart, a “flipped” version of their latest album, Heartworms

The Shins released their latest album, Heartworms, back in March of this year. A few days later, James Mercer’s outfit unveiled an alternate take of the single “Name For You”, something they did again with “Cherry Hearts” in October. Now, the indie pop band have announced a full-length “flipped” version of Heartworms they’re calling The Worm’s Heart.

Owners of Breaking Bad house hoping fence will stop fans from throwing pizzas on their roof

Imagine what it’s like living in the home known on television as where Breaking Bad protagonist Walter White slowly turned into Heisenberg. Think about the tourists taking selfies out front, the trespassers entering your property, and fans looking to take home souvenirs. After years of enduring this reality, the real-life homeowners have reached a breaking point

Bands That Reunited Without Their Lead Singer

“Let’s get the band back together” is a rock ’n’ roll cliché, yet it has remained a difficult task for some of the world’s most legendary groups, as you’ll see in the above list of Bands That Reunited Without Their Lead Singer. In fact, a number of the highest-profile bands have reformed without the inclusion

The Minnesota Timberwolves Continue Their Hunt For an NBA Championship

by traditional_movie The Minnesota Timberwolves Proceed Their Hunt For an NBA Championship Do some sports teams’ names stump you? Oftentimes, we hear a team’s title above and in excess of yet again, without knowing for particular, what it is. For instance, there is the Minnesota Timberwolves. We know that timber includes trees that make wood

Celebrities and Their Flower Picks

by marymoline Celebrities and Their Flower Picks Artists are just like their fans who are all surprised by the vivid colours and attracted by the sweet fragrant smell of flowers. Take time to read the report under and see which celebrity has the identical favourite flowers as yours. Celebrities and their flower picks Each and