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Woodstock 50 ticket on-sale postponed, sparking fears of cancelation

Woodstock’s 2019 reincarnation already lost a headliner; now there’s word that the festival’s ticket on-sale has been postponed. Tickets for the festival were originally scheduled to go on sale Monday, April 22nd to coincide with Earth Day. However, according to Billboard, those plans have now been scrapped for undisclosed reasons. Booking agents were informed of

Ticketmaster is operating its own secret ticket scalper program: Report

On paper, Ticketmaster has long opposed ticket scalping. In the terms and conditions on its website, the Live Nation subsidiary clearly indicates ticket limits for buyers, and the company even has gone so far as to sue online ticket brokers like Prestige Entertainment for allegedly using bot software. In an interesting turn of events, however,

Online Concert Ticket Websites

by DanTappan Online Concert Ticket Websites Concerts.network brings to you an enormous inventory of event and entertainment tickets. Tickets for all major sporting events entertainment events are available for purchase not only from Canada or the USA but from all around the world to since we provide tickets for all sports, concerts and events worldwide.

Buying Concert Tickets From a Ticket Exchange

by fixedgear Buying Concert Tickets From a Ticket Exchange Ticket exchange websites are websites that exist to allow you to buy, trade and sell concert tickets and other tickets. This is highly useful for a number of reasons and is a great way to get the tickets that you had otherwise missed. In many cases

Largest Online Collection of Concert Ticket

by TonyFelgueiras Largest On the internet Assortment of Concert Ticket Ticket Hub functions the world’s largest on the web assortment of concert ticket stubs. There are now ticket stubs in the gallery with new ticket scans getting submitted by you every month. We value all tickets and stubs by the artist, tour, issue, rarity and

Concert Ticket Source

by MissCasanova Concert Ticket Source Several concerts sell out in a matter of minutes, or even significantly less than a minute, but concerts.network often has tickets for sold out demonstrates.What is much more, rather than simply giving you one substitute for exactly where to sit, we can offer you hundreds and right here and there

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