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Steely Dan's Donald Fagen Recalls the Last Time He Saw Walter Becker

Even while on his deathbed, Steely Dan’s Walter Becker was able to crack jokes. In a new interview, his longtime musical partner, Donald Fagen, discussed seeing Becker, who died on Sept. 3 from esophageal cancer. “When I heard he was really ill,” he said on Rolling Stone‘s Music Now podcast, “I was on the road

That Time Led Zeppelin Stole the Who's Dinner Reservations

Robert Plants said Led Zeppelin didn’t consider themselves in musical competition with the Who. Snagging dinner reservations at exclusive restaurants, however, was another matter entirely. Seems Led Zeppelin left before the encore of a turn-of-the’70s-era Who show in New York, and eventually ended up at Max’s Kansas City. In a twist, the Who already had reservations for

The War On Drugs cover Tom Petty’s “Time to Move On” in Los Angeles: Watch

The War On Drugs are in the midst of a tour behind their latest and quite good album, A Deeper Understanding, and last night they joined the ranks of those paying tribute in concert to the late, great Tom Petty by opening their show in LA with “Time to Move On”. The song comes from Petty’s 1994

Concert Tickets Are Easy To Find On The Web, Just Be Sure To Take Your Time.

by _Tony_B Concert Tickets Are Easy To Find On The Web, Just Be Sure To Take Your Time. Keeping up to date with your favourite bands can sometimes be hard but luckily, since the web has evolved, we can all learn new things about bands via websites like MySpace and Facebook. Buying concert tickets has

Life On Mars – Ahead Of Its Time?

by brizzle born and bred Daily life On Mars – Ahead Of Its Time? Once on a time, properly, 1973 to be actual, a cop woke up following a horrible automobile accident to uncover himself barely injured. Difficulties was, when he had his accident it was the year 2006. Hmm. Unusual. So Sam Tyler, a

Part Time Jobs – Most Appropriate For Students

by Incase. Part Time Jobs – Most Suitable For Students These days one particular can find a wide assortment of part time jobs available for students. A single can choose from them dependent upon one’s region of interest and liking, routine and demands. Earning whilst studying is what most of the college students and youngsters

How Far Ahead of My Departure Time Should I Call a Cab?

by Travelin’ Librarian How Far Ahead of My Departure Time Must I Phone a Cab? 1 of the most critical factors to remember if you are going to be in require of a taxi service, is make positive you are prepared and program ahead. Several folks, specially individuals who are not utilised to traveling in