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Film Review: The Dead Don’t Die Treats the Zombie Genre Like a Sandbox

The Pitch: In the nondescript middle American town of Centerville, not much conflict seems to arise. Sure, there’s Farmer Miller (Steve Buscemi) in his Make America White Again hat, but aside from his general rudeness, he leaves most of the locals alone. Otherwise, the town bustles about its own business. Old Hank (Danny Glover) runs the

TIFF Film Review: Halloween Delivers Tricks, Treats, and Decent Fan Fiction to Series

The following review is part of our coverage of the 2018 Toronto International Film Festival. Watching the 2018 edition of Halloween often feels like reading a decent fan fiction. This isn’t necessarily a criticism. Fanfic is a valid vital part of any fandom, and there’s plenty of it out there that rivals the best canon

The Actresses That Society Still Treats Like Second-Class Citizens

Music, Movies & Moods is a monthly free-form column in which Matt Melis explores the cracks between where art and daily life meet. This time, he talks to adult-film actress Ginger Banks about the harmful stigma facing sex workers. Stories have been the story of the past several months. We’ve watched their tellers wield the power