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Jon Voight on impeachment of Donald Trump: “This is war”

The walls are finally caving in on Donald Trump as each day brings a new, damaging leak regarding his past inappropriate interactions with world leaders and his administration’s attempts to cover them up. However, there are a few patriots unhinged Fox News viewers still standing by him. Chief among them? Jon Voight. Throughout Trump’s tenure

Trump blames energy efficient light bulbs for making him orange

Even in an alternate facts-based world, there’s no denying Donald Trump is oranger than most. Hell, even Trump himself acknowledges as much. Rather than blame a bad artificial tanner (which many makeup artists and tanning experts say is the true reason for his orangey tint), Trump is blaming — wait for it — energy saving lightbulbs.

Armie Hammer calls out Marvel chairman for donating to Trump campaign

Amid boycotts of Equinox and SoulCycle over owner Stephen Ross’ political ties, Armie Hammer is reminding everyone that there’s another beloved mega-company with similar connections. On Twitter, the Call Me by Your Name star called out Marvel Entertainment chairman Isaac Perlmutter for using his deep pockets to support President Trump’s re-election. “Hey, while everyone seems to be

Donald Trump: Hollywood is “racist” and “very dangerous for our country”

Hollywood-obsessed Donald Trump continues to “hate” Hollywood. On Friday morning, the Hamptons-bound Commander in Chief answered questions outside the White House, where he discussed Tinseltown’s treatment towards conservatives. “We’re going to be very tough with them,” Trump said in his not-the-least disarming tone, before digressing: “They’re treating conservatives very unfairly. Hollywood — I don’t call

Donald Trump met with Twitter’s CEO to complain about losing followers

Anyone who uses Twitter knows that at least 67% of their followers originate from a Russian troll farm and that the platform periodically deletes such spammy users. And yet for Donald Trump, a man whose fragile ego is held together by hairspray, orange bronzer, and artificially inflated numbers, one’s Twitter follower count is the ultimate barometer

Donald Trump and Kid Rock go golfing

As the nation waits the results of Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election, Donald Trump bided his time with… Kid Rock. The two hit the links at Trump International in Mar-A-Lago, Florida on Saturday. Kid Rock shared a photo of the pair on social media. Outfitted in American flag pants and

Michael J. Fox opens up about recent health scares, slams Trump for mocking disabled reporter

Michael J. Fox in Curb Your Enthusiasm For over two decades, Michael J. Fox has been the face of Parkinson’s disease. His titular foundation alone has raised over $ 800 million and has worked extensively with the U.S. government with regards to both research and awareness. In a new interview with The New York Times,