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Scarlett Johansson: As an actor, I have the right to portray “any person” I want

In recent years, Scarlett Johansson has come under fire over allegations of appropriation. In 2017, she  starred in Rupert Sanders’ controversial adaptation of the Japanese manga, Ghost in the Shell, for which she was accused of whitewashing. A year later, she sparked outrage after signing on to play the role of a transgender man in Sanders’ follow-up, Rub and

Film Review: What Men Want Flips the Script and Finds Mixed Results

The Pitch: A gender-flipped reimagining of the 2000 Mel Gibson/Helen Hunt vehicle What Women Want, What Men Want doesn’t borrow much more than the original film’s core premise. Taraji P. Henson plays Ali Davis, a successful sports agent who’s continually locked out of career advancement thanks to the boys-club attitude at her office. Frustrated, she

The National’s Matt Berninger, Julien Baker, Stephan Altman team on new song “All I Want”: Stream

The National’s Matt Berninger and Stephan Altman with Julien Baker, photo by Jamie Heaslip Last week, Planned Parenthood announced the second volume in its 7-inches for Planned Parenthood benefit series. Today brings the first release from the fundraising effort, a track called “All I Want” from The National’s Matt Berninger, Julien Baker, and composer Stephan Altman. Baker and Berninger

Daughters announce You Won’t Get What You Want album, unleash “The Reason They Hate Me”: Stream

The first new album in eight years from Rhode Island noise-rockers Daughters will grace us this fall, as the band has announced that the disc, titled You Won’t Get What You Want, will arrive on October 26th via Ipecac Recordings. Along with the album news, Daughters have unleashed the new song “The Reason They Hate Me” (listen

Dave Grohl Doesn't Want to Replace Neil Peart in Rush

When Rolling Stone asked, hypothetically, what he would do if Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson called on him to replace Peart, Grohl responded, “I would say, ‘I’m not physically or musically capable, but thanks for the offer.’ Neil Peart, that’s a whole other animal, another species of drummer. I know the arrangements, but I’m like

Brian Johnson Didn't Want to 'Cheat' AC/DC Fans

Former AC/DC singer Brian Johnson looked back on the hearing problems that forced him out of the band in 2016, and said he didn’t want to “cheat” in the delivery of his performances. He left suddenly during AC/DC’s world tour in support of 2015 album Rock or Bust, and was eventually replaced by Axl Rose. “Onstage

Get as many Bon Jovi concert tickets as you want!

by cwphobia Get as numerous Bon Jovi concert tickets as you want! one of your greatest rock ‘n’ roll bands inside the background of your music sector and nevertheless heading as effective as ever will be the genuinely properly-acknowledged Bon Jovi band. Named right soon after the lead singer Jon Bon Jovi, the band includes