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Blood Orange reveals Renaissance-style “Benzo” video: Watch

Blood Orange returned last week with his Angel’s Pulse mixtape. In support of the 14-track collection, he’s now released a new video for the track “Benzo”. Directed by the R&B artist aka Dev Hynes himself, the clip is draped in opulent, Renaissance-style aesthetics. Song collaborator Ian Isiah stars as a French lord who calls on Blood

Wet Hot American Midsommar burns Ari Aster and David Wain’s movies together: Watch

It was only inevitable: One genius online has gone ahead and combined David Wain’s Wet Hot American Summer with Ari Aster’s recent Midsommar. That genius is YouTube user themattcaronguy, and the end result is nothing short of The Ultimate. Unlike so many past mashups, the marriage between the two films here is rather copacetic. The

Unseen colored video of Velvet Underground performing at Dallas war protest unearthed: Watch

Picture The Velvet Underground performing in the 1960s. Go ahead, think of the footage you’ve tracked down of the art rockers’ concerts, their jams at The Factory, their earliest gigs. What you’re probably seeing is some grainy black-and-white scene that feels dated but iconic. Well, get ready for a completely new image, as rare color

Zola is a baby seal who can sing the Star Wars theme song: Watch

Seal isn’t the only mammal who can sing. Researchers at Scotland’s University of St Andrews have taught an actual seals to “sing” catchy tunes, including parts of the Star Wars theme song and “Twinkle Twinkle, Little Star”. While earning her Ph.D. at the university, Amanda Stansbury worked with three juvenile gray seals — Zola, Janice,

Father John Misty debuts his unreleased A Star Is Born track: Watch

Last fall, A Star is Born captivated mass audiences, and it’s still a heavy presence in mainstream pop culture. From Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk’s divorce announcement last week, which has been partially attributed to the hit flick, to regular covers of its soundtrack, it seems that the obsession over the remake isn’t going anywhere. Now,

Vampire Weekend cover Parks and Rec theme song in Indiana: Watch

Vampire Weekend are just getting started on their massive North American tour, and they’re already pulling out the surprises. While performing in Indianapolis on Friday, the Father of the Bride rockers covered the Parks and Recreation theme song. Parks and Rec, of course, took place in the fictional Pawnee, IN. Factor in the reality that Vampire Weekend

Beyoncé finally makes her debut in new Lion King trailer: Watch

Disney is sharing a new trailer for the remake of The Lion King, but it’s not just any normal preview. Unlike previous ones, today’s clip is the first to finally feature the voice acting of Beyoncé as Nala. In the dramatic, 30-second visual, Beyoncé’s Nala character is heard encouraging Simba to rise up and be