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U.S. Musicians' Median Income Is $21,300 Per Year

The median income for a U.S. musician is just $ 21,300 per year, according to a new survey. The Music Industry Research Association published a report built from 1,227 responses, which showed that 61 percent of artists had to rely on other work to cover their living expenses. Even with an upturn in industry profits, the

DMX sentenced to one year in prison for tax evasion

DMX is headed back to prison after pleading guilty to tax evasion. Though prosecutors sought the maximum of five years, the Ruff Ryder rapper was sentenced to one year behind bars. The sentencing comes four months after DMX entered a guilty plea to a tax evasion charge in November. His plea bargain included reducing the

R.E.M.’s Peter Buck and Joseph Arthur announce new band, Arthur Buck, debut album out later this year

R.E.M.‘s Peter Buck and singer-songwriter Joseph Arthur have formed a new band. They’ll be calling themselves Arthur Buck, and their debut album drops later this year via New West Records. Buck and Arthur go back a ways. Arthur opened for R.E.M. in 2004, and the pair shared a stage in 2014 to pay tribute to the late

Jimmy Page Says Unheard Led Zeppelin Songs Coming Next Year

Jimmy Page recently said he’s heading back into Led Zeppelin’s vaults for the band’s 50th anniversary next year, and he noted there will be some previously unheard music to help celebrate. In a new 50-minute video for the Academy of Achievement, Page was asked about Zeppelin’s golden anniversary next year, and he said, “There’ll be Led Zeppelin product

Filmmaker of the Year Denis Villeneuve on Crafting the Essential Sequel

Denis Villeneuve needs a break. When the prestigious filmmaker calls late one November evening, he sounds exhausted, as if he’s just returned from a four-hour session at the gym. “I need to digest what happened in the past six years,” he tells me. “I need to figure out how I want to evolve as a

Bob Seger Discusses His 'Bad Year and a Half'

Bob Seger is about halfway through his recovery period from the back surgery that forced him to postpone most of his tour this past fall, and he’s itching to get back out on the road. In a new interview, he discussed his recuperation, saying that it’s all been part of a difficult stretch that’s also

What Was 2017's Song of the Year? UCR Fan Choice Awards

We’ve already chosen our Top 20 Songs of 2017 and now it’s time for you to decide. We’ve taken those same songs and we’re asking you to decide: What was your favorite track released by a classic rocker in the last year? A handful of these tunes touch on, or are directly about, the issues