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25 Years Ago: Paul Westerberg Finally Makes a Solo Album

The Replacements appeared on the cover of the February 1989 issue of Musician magazine. “The Last, Best Band of the ’80s,” read the cover line. But the article was nearly an obituary. A year and a half later, the Minneapolis band called it quits. Paul Westerberg’s songs and the band’s taste for mischief had won

25 Years Ago: Grunge, Metal and Rock Blend on 'Last Action Hero' Soundtrack

Last Action Hero was a box office bomb when it landed in theaters in late June 1993, another failed parody film in the vein of Top Secret! and Loaded Weapon 1. Taking aim at action movies, with one of the biggest names of the genre, Arnold Schwarzenegger, as its lead actor, the send-up failed to

Film Review: The Tale Is the Kind of Film That Will Stay With You For Years To Come

I’ve never ridden a horse — at least, I don’t think I have. Growing up, we never had money, so when would I have had the chance to ride a horse? I’ve been in a saddle, but I think that was a pony, a docile animal walking slowly in a circle. There are no photos

35 Years Ago: Bob Marley's Family Heads to Vaults for 'Confrontation'

Bob Marley’s death in 1981 at age 36 did not hamper his influence on politics and culture, whether in his native Jamaica, in the African nations he so dearly loved or in the areas of Europe and the United States where his music had taken hold. In fact, in his absence, his influence might have

X Japan’s first album in 22 years is “done pretty much,” features Marilyn Manson

X Japan have gone through a lot in their 35 years of existence. They’ve had to deal with career threatening injuries, brainwashing cults, suicide, and a decade-long breakup. So perhaps it’s understandable that there’s been a 22-year gap between records. Fortuantely, the wait for new music is almost over, as the band confirms in an

30 Years Ago: Queensryche Create Their Future With 'Operation: Mindcrime'

Nikki loves Mary, but Nikki is a junkie and Mary is a hooker who’s become a nun. Nikki has been ordered to kill Mary by Dr. X, who runs an above-the-law subversive organisation that brainwashes people like Nikki into becoming unknowing assassins. And if Nikki doesn’t kill Mary, Dr. X will cut off Nikki’s supply

35 Years Ago: Journey's 'Faithfully' Arrives in a Dream

With their eighth studio album, 1983’s Frontiers, Journey’s transition from prog-influenced rock to radio-friendly, arena-ready fare was all but complete — an evolution that included one of the decade’s quintessential ballads in the Top 20 hit “Faithfully.” Written by keyboardist Jonathan Cain, “Faithfully” followed lead-off Frontiers single “Separate Ways (Worlds Apart),” which had scored Journey