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The entertainment market is buzzingwith such Arab Celebrity information as the following:

The sensational singer from Syria, WaedAlbahri, dished out a sell-out overall performance at the Eastern Music Festival in Doha, Qatar. The festival that “celebrates authentic Arabic music and revives the masterpieces of its greats” in its inaugural year provides a platform to new and classical singers to prove their well worth in the Arab world.

Syrian singer and ‘Bab el Hara’ (hit-drama, Neighborhood Gate) actress DimaQandalaft talks politics and featured in the Arab Information forums. She remarked that religion should be separated from state worldwide, not only in homeland Syria. She additional that “laws must not be attached to religious commandments but that each and every nation must pick the laws that suit its conditions”.

Emirati poet Khalid Al Dhanhani is beginning a European poetry tour that includes this kind of nationa as Germany and the Czech Republic.

Tunisan singer AmaniSwissi prepares to shoot her new single “GilliTebiniLesh” (Inform Me Why You Want Me). The song clip’s course will be underneath female Lebanese ‘MirnaKhayat’. The young Tunisian singer made her fortunate break by means of Star Academy. Her first album, Wain, (The place) was Rotana-launched to the tune of single, ShayefNafsou (Arrogant).

In a press conference, Egyptian singer Mohamed Hamaki announced that he finished functioning on his new music video clip for his song: “Ana MnAlbiBaghni” or From My Heart I am Singing. He also described that the shooting of the clip took spot in Beirut and the video will be aired quickly on distinct satellite Television channels.Hamaki also unveiled during this conference that the good results of his new album produced numerous Italian and Turkish singers inclined to purchase the rights to sing his songs in their native languages.

Eigth of February in Dubai was a delight for music lovers! The Lebanese soprano Majida El Roumi closes the first edition of Dubai Classics music festival after two performances held by the international classical artist Sarah Brightman, who carried out days prior to at the inaugural festival.The concert was held at the stage of Dubai World Trade Center, an unforgettable evening of classical entertainment and chilling vocal overall performance where the soprano’s voice touched the souls of the audiences, and manufactured them cry.

The twenty-two year outdated Lebanese singer ZakirSherif released his very first song “KifEderti” with El Mawla Production Firm. He is the rising talent of the Arab music world. The song is written by Ali El Mawla, composed by Salah Kurdi and organized by Omar Sabbagh. ZakiSherif, participated in “Star Academy Season 9” in Lebanon, and became in a quite quick time one particular of most well-known singers among all the contestants.

These Arab Singers are popularising the Arab culture and music all more than the globe.

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