Top Places to visit in Miami

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Top Places to visit in Miami

Miami is a very popular tourist center in USA. Tourist attractions are enormous and the visitors can make a choice of their own about the places they need to visit. Some of the famous tourist destinations are described here.
1.Art Deco: The Art Deco Architectural Historic District which is in the southern part of the Miami Beach has the largest density of art buildings in the world.
2.Miracle Mile: This is a famous shopping district in Miami. This is located in the Coral Gables region of Miami. This place has a large number of street cafes and fashion shops.
3.Bill Baggs Cape Florida Park: This is the region of best recreational activities across Miami. There are many stunning beaches. Recreational activities include fishing, sunbathing and hiking.
4.Cape Florida Lighthouse: this is a major landmark of the Miami city. This park is located in the area of key Biscayne and dates back to nearly 200 years.
5.Dolphin Stadium: This is the most famous sports venue in Miami. This is located nearby the northern part of Miami Beach. There happened to occur many football and baseball matches in the stadium that are seasonal.
6.Miami Metro zoo: This zoo has a great area of zoological gardens which accommodates more than 900 species of animals in it. This zoo also has a petting area specially organized for young children and a modern form of monorail trail.
7.Martin Z. Margulies Sculpture Park: this park is considered as the spreading part of the famous Florida International University. Here enormous amount of sculpture items are present that are widely attracted by the tourists of Miami tour.
8.Crandon Park Marina: this park is known in Miami for the exclusive selection of water based sports like scuba diving, boat hire and snorkeling. There are beaches and fairground attractions that are suitable for all ages.
9.Miami Everglades National Park: This is an enormous region that is covered with full of wildlife and nature. Here the visitors are given a wonderful chance to observe the wildlife from a safe distance. This makes it the favorite national park of all visitors including children. This is famous among all famous USA tour packages.
10.Port of Miami: This is given the place of the biggest ship port in the world. This dominates the major portion of the Miami district. The whole of the coast line is now famous based on this port.
11.Miami Seaquarium: This aquarium is famous because it hosts many different types of sea animals and fishes. The large number of all these creatures makes the visitors astonished by their sort of plays and games. The main entertainers include the killer whales, dolphins and manatees.
12.Metro Dade Cultural Center: This cultural center forms the home to different types of important buildings. This is really a great complex that includes Miami Art Museum, Miami Public Library and the famous Historical Museum.
13.Miami Freedom Tower: This is great building that was built in 1920. This is a historic but stylish building that dominates the major portion of the Miami district with its really beautiful architecture.
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