Viral marketing superstar Justin Bieber Tours the UK

Viral marketing superstar Justin Bieber Tours the UK

Canadian teenage singer Justin Bieber comes to tour UK arenas in spring of 2011; the Justin Bieber hype broke out – not so long ago.

R&B stars Justin Timberlake and Usher both tried to sign with the singer who was discovered on YouTube (where amateur videos of Bieber were posted) in 2008 by agent Scooter Braun, Usher succeeded and partnered with Braun to developed the hype further and Bieber became the first mega successful viral marketing superstar of the world.

His record sales are boosted by his social networking activities, he has about 7 million followers on Twitter and 16,5 million fans on his official Facebook page.

He also uses social networks for other reasons as to inform his fans and followers on things that happen in his life, after a contestant on a later cancelled live show, where he was planed to perform had an accident and was injured, he informed his fans in Germany and worldwide that he wouldn’t perform on the TV show, he also asked them to pray for the suffering man.

On his “My World Tour” he will be promoting his 2010 record “My World 2.0”, as well as his later works “My Worlds Acoustic” and the film “Never Say Never” (produced by MTV, UK release March or April 2011.

Justin Bieber is writing music, marketing, new-media culture and business history that’s going to be written about in books and taught in colleges. If you have interest in any of those – you have to follow Justin on Twitter! Justin Bieber will tour the UK in spring 2011 for the first time, get your tickets on

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