‘Where Are U Now’ – Missing Selena Golmez or Lyrics of Latest Song By Justin Bieber?

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‘Where Are U Now’ – Missing Selena Golmez or Lyrics of Latest Song By Justin Bieber?

It is happening as Hollywood Celebrities Justin shared a thoughful pic of himself on Instagram, standing on the terrace of Montage Hotel in Beverly Hills, California, using the caption ‘ Where Are U Now’. It might be a signal like he and Selena have been going around again. Concurrently, it is so confusing as during one part of the video, he confirms that the relationship is over for a good purpose, while in the second part, he says, ‘I need you the most.’

Well, it has been noticed in the video that for few minutes, an amazing graffiti art fills all over the screens and then, there comes a line blinking and showing the words ‘Jelena 5ever’ with an ‘X’ over these words on the screen, left his fans to wonder what Justin is saying about his relationship with Selena Golmez, he had in the past.

Another coincidence about the same video that it shows Selena’s name with a message reading, ‘Where R Now, Selena?’
Quite a very close resemblance to his Instagram latest updated caption. No?

Well, it will totally make a sense if Selena is in Justin’s mind while writing lyrics for the song as Justin was going through a tough time while writing this record as written in a statement by Skrillex and Diplo on along with a video on Youtube. Could this ‘tough time’ be his breakup with Selena?
‘Though they both are super busy, but still manage to make time for each other.’ an insider says.

Fans were too speedy to point out ‘Jelena 5ever’ from the video and asked on Twitter,”Was I the only one to see “jelena” written on the music video? #WhereAreUNowMusicVideoMONDAY.” While another user Susi tweeted,”@cap_sel look at my rt. in the music video of where are ü now there’s a painting that says I want you to know, that jelena is 5ever.” She followed up with, “With a cross over it, as in never.”

Well, whatsoever the story is, we wish if they are going around, then it will be forever this time.
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