Who is Justin Bieber?

Who is Justin Bieber?

With a considerable amount of talent and musical abilities, Justin Bieber has demonstrated that even a high school student has the ability to not only create a good, solid album, but more importantly, to create a platinum record. Since 2007 when he became active to the present, Bieber has had a flourishing career and has worked with the likes of Usher and Ludacris, two well known hip-hop artists. But, where did Justin come from?

Born on March 1, 1994, Justin Bieber was the raised single handedly by his mother, Pattie Mallette in Stratford, Ontario. Four years ago, at the age of twelve, he entered into a singing competition in Stratford and placed second. Around this same time, he and his mother began to post videos on YouTube of his performances. Their goal was to try and give people who couldn’t make the performances the opportunity to hear him sing. Despite being big into Pop and R&B, his singing is as diverse as going from Usher and Chris Brown all the way to Stevie Wonder.

While surfing YouTube, Scooter Braun happened across the videos and immediately flew Justin to Atlanta Georgia. A week later, he sang a song for Usher and by October of 2008, he had been signed to Island Records. While it was rumored that Justin Timberlake was hoping to grab him, Usher got there sooner and Bieber signed with him. Soon after, his mother and he relocated to Atlanta.

The Rise of his Career

On November 17, 2009, his first album My World was released. The single that was most successful in the beginning was “One Time.” The single, released in July of that year, peaked at number 17 on the Billboard Hot 100. By the release of the album, the single had tremendous success and gained a quick name for Bieber. The single went platinum and led to three more singles being released: “One Less Lonely Girl,” “Love Me” and “Favorite Girl.” These all appeared on the top forty of the Billboard Hot 100.

With the success of all the singles that Bieber released, his first album hit platinum in the US. This resulted in him appearing on numerous different television programs such as Lopez Tonight, The Ellen DeGEneres Show, Chelsea Lately, and Good Morning America. Right before the release of the album, AOL’s JSYK voted him as the #5 “Best Good Example of 2009.” In other words, he had gained tremendous success and fame in a small amount of time.

To demonstrate how diverse his voice really was, Bieber was chosen to sing “Someday at Christmas,” a song that was written by Stevie Wonder in the 60s. He sang for President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama. Not long after, he was one of the performers for the Dick Clark’s New York’s Rockin’ Eve with Ryan Seacrest. He presented at the Grammy Awards on January 31, 2010. In other words, the young man was spreading out everywhere and demonstrating his talent. To benefit Haiti, he sang the opening line of “We are the World.”

My World was the first half of his debut album. Therefore, in 2010, My World 2.0 was released. Prior to its release in March, “Baby” was released. This song, featuring Ludacris, was released in January and became his most successful song. It hit number five in the United States. To further promote My World 2.0, “Never Let You Go” and “U Smile” were released which gained considerable success. When the album was released, it was number one on the U.S. Billboard 200 and reached the top ten in eleven other countries. Hitting the top of the charts connected him to Stevie Wonder again. In 1963, Stevie Wonder was the youngest solo male act to hit the top of the charts. In an effort to promote even more promotion for the album, he appeared on The View, The Late Show with David Letterman and Saturday Night Live.

Bieber’s Awards and Nominations

* Myx Music Awards
o “One Time” Favorite International Video
o Juno Awards
+ My World, Album of the Year – Nominated 2010
+ My World, Pop Album of the Year – Nominated 2010
+ My Word, New Artist of the Year – Nominated 2010
+ TRL Awards (Italy)
# Best International Act – Nominated 2010

While he has only been nominated for most of these awards, there is much opinion and suggestion that, in coming years, as more of his albums are released and he gains more experience in the recording world, that he will easily gain some of these awards as well as many others. Justin Bieber–a sixteen year musical success–hit the world with his voice and, due to so much success, there’s great hope that he won’t be gone.

This article was written to shed a little light on exactly who Justin Bieber is. He has gained so much popularity in such a short period of time it’s left many people scratching their head and asking “Who is this kid?”. For more information, please visit our Justin Bieber Fan Site.

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