Why Is Most Music So Bad Today?

Why Is Most Music So Undesirable Nowadays?

“Every thing that can be invented has been invented.” ~ Charles H. Duell, Commissioner of the US Patent Office in 1899.

“Youngsters nowadays are tyrants. They contradict their mother and father, gobble their food and tyrannize their teachers.” ~ Socrates

Why is common music so bad today? I suggest, I’m not that outdated, but jeez, the music of today, with only a handful of rare exceptions, kinda stinks. Some would say that when New Year’s Eve 1979 ended, we have been ushered into an era of lame music that we nonetheless haven’t escaped from these days.

I grew up in the 80’s and bear in mind listening to the Beatles, John Lennon, Simon &amp Garfunkel, Roger Waters and Pink Floyd, the Rolling Stones, Bob Marley, and David Bowie, to identify a number of, with my brothers or my dad. I remember seeing album covers strewn about my brother’s bedroom. Albums, not CD’s. (If you happen to be a really younger reader, albums are like CD’s in that they are flat and round, but black, and a whole lot larger. The get scratched and will not operate just like CD’s even though).

Some say that the 60’s were a turbulent time in the U.S. and the world and as a result created a ideal setting and culture for modern and creative music. But let us encounter it. These days are rather turbulent as properly. So where’s the Crosby, Even now, Nash and Young of right now to sing about our involvement in Iraq? Or in which is the Paul Simon of right now to protest the government’s stance on stem cell investigation? All we have gotten lately is the new Paris Hilton CD. Paris Hilton? Is not she just renowned for getting famous? And her new CD truly acquired some good critiques.

Ahead of anyone accuses me of painting a broad brush stroke condemning all music soon after the 70’s, allow me say that in a lot more recent times there has been a small volume of very good things like Phish or Midnite, and even politically-minded music this kind of as U2, but no where close to the inventive amount of earlier occasions.

I remember when the Dixi Chicks came out against President Bush and the Iraq war. Whilst not a negative band, they are hardly going to obtain iconic standing. And they paid dearly at the hands of large enterprise for their outspoken views. That is a far cry from the politically-charged days of Woodstock exactly where several artists have been speaking out, and shifting factors.

If you believe about it, there are only a select number of artists or bands that can regularly sell out enormous arenas nowadays. These are the icons. And the huge majority of those artists are bands from ahead of the 80’s! Among last summer time and this summer season, right here are some of the really big concert ticket sellers: The Rolling Stones, Roger Waters of Pink Floyd, Paul McCartney, Barbra Streisand, Eric Clapton and The Eagles.

I recently read an article that suggested that music and tour promoters, big venue owners and ticket businesses are all concerned about concert sales taking a plunge after the legendary artists stop touring. They realize it really is going to be tough to sell out huge arenas following the dinosaurs grow to be extinct. Who are the artists of right now who will attain that standing tomorrow?

In a current interview with Joe Walsh on Sirius Radio Joe mentioned there is not virtually as significantly improvisational rock any longer. And I agree. When asked what bands he thought have been respectable these days, he couldn’t consider of any for a whilst, and then lastly mentioned he considered the Goo Goo Dolls have been good. Hmmm.

Maybe I am some variety of curmudgeon, but Best forty today is just not as great as it utilised to be. Is Kevin Federline actually talented? I just located out recently that his nickname is K-Fed. How about fed up? I think K-Fed, J-Lo, X-tina (Christina Aguilera, no joke) and A-Rod all require to get collectively ASAP and rethink their feeble nicknames, just an FYI.

Here are the best five songs correct now in the Summer season of 2006:

– Fergie – London Bridge
– Gnarls Barkley – Crazy
– Nelly Furtado Featuring Timbaland – Promiscuous
– The Pussycat Dolls Featuring Snoop Dogg – Buttons
– Panic! At The Disco – I Write Sins Not Tragedies

And right here have been the best 5 albums of 2005:

– Mariah Carey – The Emancipation of Mimi
– 50 Cent – The Massacre
– Kelly Clarkson – Breakaway
– Green Day – American Idiot
– The Black Eyed Peas – Monkey Enterprise

Here are the leading five albums of 1976:

– Peter Frampton – Frampton Comes Alive
– Fleetwood Mac – Fleetwood Mac
– Wings – Wings At The Velocity Of Sound
– Eagles – Eagles Biggest Hits 1971-1975
– Chicago – Chicago IX Greatest Hits

And right here are the prime 5 albums of 1966

– Authentic Soundtrack The Sound Of Music
– The Beatles – Revolver
– The Beatles – Rubber Soul
– The Rolling Stones – Aftermath
– The Seaside Boys – Pet Sounds

Is it just me, or is there a glaring variation between the two 21st Century lists and the second two 20th Century lists? To be honest, I in fact personal Monkey Organization and I like it. Also, Green Day is decent. Admittedly, Wings isn’t the very best Paul McCartney music around, but it is Sir Paul after all, and Chicago and The Seashore Boys are a small weak. But total, the lists just do not compare.

The music sector itself has modified so significantly that I think that is 1 of the major motives there is such a chasm in between today’s music and the creations of yesteryear. Like sports activities and medicine, music in one more sector that has been a casualty of huge enterprise and American capitalism.

No longer does the real music good quality drive the industry. Alternatively, the individuals with the cash and power at the record companies discover some negative music marketing well to younger men and women for illustration, and as a result choose that from then on they’re only going to locate and advertise that sort of bad music considering that it made a handful of bucks. They’ve entirely stopped listening to the music and instead only pay attention to the dollars.

No longer does the music they develop determine the good results of a band. Alternatively, entertainment conglomerates inform supporters what to pay attention to, and that determines the good results. They do this due to the fact they have such a strangle hold on the media. We only have the illusion of option now. A vicious circle has begun where the whole business is inexorably spinning down, unable to uncover acquire on the sides of some slimy corporate funnel, circling downward uncontrollably into the abyss of painfully undesirable music.

Some bands sometimes slip via the vortex fairly intact, sidestepping the nearly institutionalized process of “producing it” set in area by music executives. Phish is a great example of this. They grew to become hugely productive in spite of the music market. Simply because they were so very good and so tenacious in touring and jamming, they attracted a massive fan base. The sheer numbers of eventual fans Phish had gave them a power that most artists nowadays cannot have. Most other artists have to do what the individuals with the purse strings inform them to do. And that often tends to make for bad music. Unfortunately, Phish is not even collectively any far more. But they are a rare exception in that they came after the 70’s and have been hugely creative and improvisational.

Another issue that contributes to the poor music of nowadays is engineering. These days, Hollywood actors who cannot sing can have singing careers. The engineers touch up their voices, and use every single digital sound technique there is to make an typical item sellable, just like the magazines airbrush the models and actresses, trimming many years off to comprehensive the illusion. There are a lot of ways in which the music engineers can do this in the studio and even for artists on tour.

Ashlee Simpson is a great illustration of this. 1st, we noticed her on Saturday Night Live acquiring caught lip-sinking. Then I heard a current interview where Joe Walsh’s daughter, Lucy Walsh, admitted that as Ashlee’s keyboard player, she often doubled Ashlee’s voice while on tour.

I know that in any era there is going to be silly music acts like Ashlee Simpson, Kevin Federline and Paris Hilton. I understand that in the course of Bob Dylan’s time there had been lots of feeble but well-known music artists then also. My complaint is that it would seem like in any other era there was at least ample actually fantastic and unique music getting developed to balance issues out.

Let us go backwards. We have looked at the popular music of the 21st Century a little in the lists above and I never see any really unique music in there at all. Some might argue that the grunge era of the 90’s produced some fantastic and authentic music. I argue that nearly all of that music was so heavily influenced by the rock of the 60’s and 70’s that it actually wasn’t that unique at all.

The music of the 80’s matched the hair and garments of the time, lame. The synthesizer was new then, but the music was reasonably poor, and surely not timeless. But then we come to the 70’s and 60’s. Those are the decades that last held any hope for individuals like me who extended for fresh, unique, creative and improvisational music.

In 1899 the Commissioner of the US Patent Office wrote “Every little thing that can be invented has been invented.” Alright, perhaps he was a small off. But in a way, every little thing that looks new is genuinely just new combinations of existing things. Music is no diverse. I’m hoping that we return to the days when the combinations of beats, rhythms, harmonies and melodies turn into as creative as they were in the 60’s and 70’s.

But perhaps things haven’t transformed much considering that even Socrates’ instances. He believed little ones have been tyrants, as if his generation was the last of a dying breed of angelic youngsters. Perhaps he just didn’t comprehend the little ones of his era, and maybe I am the identical way.

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